PDF Rider

PDF Rider 0.6

Add editing power to your PDF reader


  • User-friendly
  • Very easy way to add useful functions


  • Doesn't work with all PDF readers


PDF Rider is an interesting application that allows you to leverage your usual PDF reader to perform slightly more advanced editing functions.

Of course, the utility of PDF Rider will depend on what your current PDF reader can do - if you use a simple, quick option like Sumatra PDF, for example, PDF Rider will make it considerably more powerful. If you use Adobe Acrobat, on the other hand, PDF Rider probably has nothing to offer you.

When you open a PDF document, it will appear in your normal reader, with a PDF Rider toolbar. From this toolbar you'll be able to perform various functions, such as merging, extracting and deleting pages, to setting passwords and editing restrictions.

If it works with your usual PDF reader, PDF Rider is a great little application.

enables automatic updates checking


  • enables automatic updates checking
PDF Rider


PDF Rider 0.6

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